Cute Box Panda K4TIA: Grave of the Fireflies

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Grave of the Fireflies

I'm wearing:

Hair: Ayashi - Akina
Horns: Evermore - e. Vovin Crown
Headband: SU - Scylla Bow (GG, join fee)
Cauldron+Bat+Kitty: Birdy - Hocus Pocus @ Arcade (September 1st)
Collar: Sweet Thing - Puppy's Training Collar @ Arcade (September 1st)
Tail: Sweet Thing - Shiba Puppy Tail @ Arcade (September 1st)
Dress: Dami - Cute Suspender
Shoes: 2PM - Lollipop Canvas
Rings:  tsg - PrismPower Ring


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